“I felt your Eurythmy so alive and truly speaking to me.”

extract from interview with Mark Neill in Protea, 2000

“The same calibre as a Peter Brook production.”

Townsville School of Arts, Townsville, QLD

“I don’t remember when I last enjoyed anything as much. I hope you’re coming back!”

Freshwater Creek Steiner School, Geelong, VIC

“About fifteen years ago I saw the elderly Else Klink when she brought her Stuttgart Eurythmeum to the southern regions of her birth. In Sydney they played to a packed house. When I saw the Wander-Light Eurythmy Company perform I immediately noted the link with this other performance I’d seen all those years ago. There was something about both ‘show’s that have made them live on for me.”

Margaret Bruevel, NSW, Australia

“I think I was probably most taken by the Eurythmy ‘Lear’ it fair blew me away, despite the fact that I had attended last year’s production. King Lear and his daughters were electrifying accompanied by the Reading Acting and fantastic musical instruments and sound.”

Marie D Ryan, presenter, Tuesday/Thursday Morning Magazine

“The Wander-Light Eurythmy Company really shook the viewer…We hope to see more of them in the future. It is really important to see eurythmy performed in this way.”

Cameron Tanner, Michael Park School, Auckland, New Zealand

“…it fair blew me away. King Lear and his Daughters was electrifying…”

Marie Ryan, Radio FM88.6

“We’ve never seen anything like it. It gave us a whole new perspective on Eurythmy”

Sophia Mundi Steiner School Year 9 Student

“When you perform your hands get longer and shorter”

Suzie Hardgrave, Actor

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